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Donations welcome via PayPal® Whidbey Island Waldorf School. Help us to nurture, grow and support our inspired education. Thank you!



Whidbey Island Waldorf School is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) learning organization that depends on donations from current parents and employees, alumni parents and students, grandparents, community members and friends, and business owners. In fact, tuition accounts for approximately 80% of our school’s overall budget. Your support ensures that we can provide 30% or more of our students with tuition assistance, support faculty and staff professional development, and care for our buildings and beautiful 6-acre campus while meeting our basic operating expenses.

Parent and Community Engagement

We absolutely cannot run this school without you! Your gifts of your time and talent are essential to the thriving of Whidbey island Waldorf School. Your active support and involvement for work projects, school governance, special events, seasonal festivals, student productions and much more become the many oars rowing the good ship WIWS!

Please see our Parent Engagement Form for detailed ways to contribute or contact our office to see how you can help.

Fundraising Events

Some years, Whidbey Island Waldorf School will hold an online auction or other fundraising event; such events can be a fun, community-building way to raise additional revenue. Full community participation is key for their success, financially and socially.

In-Kind Donations

One of the ways to contribute to the financial and overall well-being of the Whidbey Island Waldorf School is through your gifts of goods and services. Called In-Kind Donations, these gifts include such things as helping the school with its technology or construction needs, gifting the school with needed furnishings or equipment, or supporting a school auction with donations of artwork or a workshop.

Annual Giving

We strive for 100% participation from our Board members, faculty, staff and families in our Annual Giving Campaign, which is held every autumn. We hope that you will join in this effort to the extent that you are able.

Capital Campaign

We are seeking to grow our fundraising capacity so that we can launch a Capital Campaign in the coming years. Updating our septic system, renovating and adding to Huckleberry Hall, and building new classrooms and bathrooms will depend on the generosity of many.

Other Support

Other ways you can support the school include the following:

  • In-Kind Donations – New computers, computer tablets, design or construction services, and IT support are some examples.

  • AmazonSmile – Designate WIWS to receive a percent of your purchases.

  • Box Tops for Education – We are seeking to add such easy fundraisers as collecting Box Tops to our list of ways to support WIWS.

Please let us know if you can help!


Wish List

The following Wish List was created by the WIWS Board and Faculty and is updated regularly:

Continuing Needs:

  • A Donation to fund performance space rental at community venues like Thomas Berry Hall, Whidbey Children's Theatre or Whidbey Island Center for the Arts so that our children may present their annual class plays to the wider community.

  • Computer software and hardware for faculty and administration. Our computers and software need upgrades. We are looking to replace four PCs and their accompanying Microsoft Office software. Other wishes include are QuickBooks and a relationship management/donor database software that can serve as a unified resource for keeping track of parent, grandparent, student, and alumni information.

  • Renovations to Huckleberry Hall to create an enclosed structure

  • Updated septic system

  • Science equipment

  • Two-story play structure remodel

  • Covered patio for the kindergarten

  • Manual Arts facility

  • Eurythmy block funding

  • Scholarship Funds

Once these items are received, they are removed from the list.