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Parent & Community Engagement

We absolutely cannot run this school without you. Your gifts of your time and talent are essential to the thriving of Whidbey island Waldorf School. Your active support and involvement for work projects, school governance, special events, seasonal festivals, student productions and much more become the many oars rowing the good ship WIWS. Please see our Parent Engagement Form for detailed ways to contribute or contact our office to see how you can help.


We celebrate seasonal festivals to connect to the natural rhythms that sustain us. The work of preparation is as, or more, nourishing than the festival itself. Children learn by doing. Children find joy in witnessing their parents work with love and laughter at their school. Celebrating together lays the groundwork for cultural and social diversity. The rhythmic experiences help parents as they seek to find their own balance with their children in home life. Life-long friendships are made through festival work.

Great care is taken in planning and providing an entry into school life that fosters wonder, joy and possibility, the early foundations for a life-long love of learning. The Waldorf Pre-school and Kindergarten experience is meant to enliven the imagination and lovingly guide each child toward an understanding of the world, to plant the seeds for a successful school career and adult life.

Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion is a multi-faceted approach to preventing and relieving social isolation. It involves the whole community – a “village spirit” of teachers, parents, and students that tends to the social health of our school and its members. It aims to foster a felt sense of inclusion, vital to our children’s development – indeed vital to the soul and spirit of our community.

Whidbey Island Waldorf School is committed to healthy and successful students and healthy social relationships among students, teachers and all members of the school community. This value is reflected throughout the curriculum and implicit in the working of the school.

Our school has adopted a student support process based on the social inclusion work brought to us by Kim John Payne, who is respected worldwide for his work in helping children navigate challenge as well as conflict through a no blame approach.

To learn more about how are school supports Social Inclusion, please see our Parent Handbook.

“The healthy social life is found When, in the mirror of each human soul, The entire community finds its reflection, And when, in the community, The virtue of each one is living.”
— Rudolf Steiner, The Social Motto
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

WIWS recognizes an ongoing need for cultivating awareness, sensitivity, and responsiveness towards issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the school community and the world at large. To that end, a committee of dedicated and passionate parents, teachers and administrators was formed in 2018: the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEIC). This committee meets throughout the year to facilitate brave spaces for our community to have the opportunity to acknowledge and address behavior that is hurtful, inequitable or exclusive with the hope that we can create a community where curiosity and transparency are encouraged, restorative justice is commonplace, and a sense of belonging is the privilege of all.

Listening Council  

The Listening Council is dedicated to maintaining an opening for WIWS community members to speak their minds, voice an idea, air a concern, express gratitude, or share a thought with members of the school leadership.  The mission of the Listening Council is to facilitate clear and effective communication, with timely resolution to conflicts when applicable, in order to support the healthy social life of our school community.  

Members include a member of the administration, a Parent member, a Faculty member, and a Board member. Membership could also include a consultant from the community who is not currently involved in the school.

The Listening Council can be reached directly at listeningcouncil@wiws.org.

“Thank you for the wonderful loving support. We can feel it. This year so far has been so amazing. Taylor absolutely loves his class. And we have enjoyed meeting everyone and building relationships. Thank you.”
— Sara Goss, new WIWS Parent