Our School's Wish List

The following Wish List was created by the WIWS Board and Faculty and is updated regularly:

For Games, Movement, & Circus classes we need:

~Jump ropes, a set for each grade (12-15$ each)
~One set of 4 square/kick balss $39.00
~Five discus ($25 each) Six javelins ($100 each)
~Two basket ball hoops $100 each Ten juggling plates at $12 each
~One unicycle at $65 Two slack lines at &90 each
~Ten juggling scarves $12 each or can be made
~Six rolla bolla (can be home made, check with Gary Hess)
~Six walking stilts (can be home made, check with Laura Boram)
~Two tightropes (can be home made check with John Sherman)
~Generally questions should be addressed to Karen Benson -

Other Needs:

~A kitchen for the 2011-12 Third Grade classroom. Cooking is a part of the Waldorf third grade curriculum along with gardening, shelter making, and other practical skills. A kitchen added to our third grade room would benefit classes now and far into the future. The addition of a stove and hood could be done for as little as $1,500.

~An additional door to the fifth grade bathroom. We have a functional bathroom in the first grade classroom that is currently being used for storage. With some additional insulation and a door added so that there is access from the outside of the building, we would significantly increase the convenience of the middle school students and teachers who now have to walk to the main building to share the bathrooms with the remainder of the school.

~A Donation to fund performance space rental at community venues like Thomas Berry Hall, Whidbey Children’s Theatre or Whidbey Island Center for the Arts so that our children may present their annual class plays to the wider community.

~Computer software and hardware for faculty and administration. Our computers and software need upgrades. We are looking to replace seven PCs and their accompanying Microsoft Office software. Other wishes include are QuickBooks 2010 and a relationship management/donor database software that can serve as a unified resource for keeping track of parent, grandparent, student, and alumni information.

~Science equipment

~Two-story play structure remodel

~Covered patio for the kindergarten

~Manual Arts facility

~Eurythmy block funding

~Scholarship Funds

Once these items are received, they are removed from the list.

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