100-50-25 Family Affordability Plan

WIWS recognizes that the strength of our school depends on the strength of our families. We believe that quality private education must be inclusive and that such an education can be prohibitively costly, especially for families with multiple children. Our Family Affordability Plan allows us to live true to our community values; we make this gesture to our community during difficult economic times in order to make this incredible Waldorf Education available to more families than ever before. 

Available for all applications received after April 1st, 2012, our 100-50-25% Family Affordability Plan charges full tuition for the first child enrolled within a family, charges only 50% tuition for the second child, and 25% tuition for the third or subsequent students within a single family. This is a change from our previous Family Affordability Plan, and does NOT affect currently enrolled families or those entering the Admissions process prior to April 1st, 2012.

To receive more information, go to our inquiries page.
For application forms and procedures, go to our Admissions page, or contact Enrollment Director Karina Bergen by email to  karina@wiws.org or call  360-341-5686.

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