Waldorf Early Childhood

The Waldorf Early Childhood classroom is a place of warmth and wonder.

Whether baking, playing house, building worlds
with pieces of wood or learning to finger knit, each child is nurtured and encouraged with a feeling of "home."

Mukilteo Early Childhood Center

Whidbey Island Waldorf School has spent the last year exploring options for creating an Early Childhood program in the Everett-Mukilteo area. Most recently, we have offered parent-tot classes and adult education classes at the new Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo.

We remain open to supporting such an initiative for families wishing to begin a Waldorf Early Childhood program in that region. Families interested in and committed to embarking on such an endeavor can contact Maureen Marklin, WIWS Administrator at wiwsadministrator@whidbey.com.

"In this world today, there is such a societal obsession with presenting academics to children at the earliest age. It has become an accepted form of schooling to put five and six-year-olds in desks and expect them to retain information...so young ones can get ahead. But a loaf of bread will not rise properly unless care is taken to add all the ingredients and carefully knead and shape it before the loaf can be expected to rise and form in the oven."

 --Renee Perrone, Waldorf Early Childhood Educator

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