Student Artwork

"No educational system in
the world gives such a
central role to the arts as
the Waldorf movement.
There is not a subject taught
that does not have an
artistic aspect. Even
mathematics is presented
in an artistic fashion...
Steiner's system of education
is built on the premise that
art is an integral part
of human endeavors"

~Konrad Oberhuber,
Professor of Fine Arts,
Harvard University

Student Performances

March 2013 Student Music & Eurythmy Concert

Grade 8 Eurythmy

Grade 7 Eurythmy

Grade 6 Eurythmy

Grade 4 Eurythmy

Middle School  Strings

Middle School Winds

Grade 4 Strings

Grade 4 Choir

Middle School Choir

April 2012 Youth-in-Arts Performances

Grade 5 Strings

Grade 5 "Pachelbel Canon"

Grade 5 Choir

Middle School Strings

Middle School Recorders

Middle School Choir

Winter Assembly 2012

Grade 3

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Miscellaneous Other Performance Clips

MayFaire 2012 Performance

December 2011 Student-Parent Ensemble;
Whidbey Institute Christmas Concert

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